The Magic Flute

Moscow musical theater "Helikon-Opera"
Premiere - November, 2018
Production Designers: Sergey Kuznetsov, Agniya Sterligova, Victoria Kosareva
Director: Ilya Ivanov

The Singspiel opera by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, based on a libretto by Emanuel Schikaneder, has been one of the most popular productions in the world since 1791. Her whimsical fairy-tale plot leaves a lot of scope for semantic interpretations and scenographic fantasies. The creative team that worked on The Magic Flute at the Moscow Helikon Opera Theater found an original visual way that actualizes the story for the modern audience. The image of Luna Park became the core for the scenery and the whole performance. The terrible snake chasing Prince Tamino was interpreted as a train on a roller coaster, a giant glass of popcorn served as the throne of the Queen of the Night, a large-scale rotating carousel - the Temple of Wisdom.
The opposition of masculine and feminine, touched upon in the opera, is reflected in the costumes of Sasha Frolova. Inflatable latex outfits show femininity and at the same time imperiousness of the heroines, and male characters are dressed in brutal armor, reminiscent of robots from Transformers and Star Wars stormtroopers. The spectacle turned out to be colorful, dynamic and holistic. One of the symbols of the performance was an animated image of a carousel, transferred to the curtain from a watercolor by Sergey Kuznetsov.