Cities in Motion

Exhibitors of multimedia show
Alvaro Castagnet, Sergey Kuznetsov, Sergei Tchoban, Thomas Schaller
Paintings, graphic works, digital animation

In a matter of minutes to move from the quiet Tiber embankment to the flying Kutuzov Avenue, get charged with the energy of today’s Manhattan and see the Uferstraße of the future… The multimedia exhibition at the Zaryadye Park has offered a look at popular world centers through the eyes of four artists sharing a passion to draw cities.
The project involved recognized masters of cityscape and architectural drawing, such as the watercolorists Alvaro Castagnet from Uruguay and Thomas Schaller of the USA, Moscow’s chief architect Sergey Kuznetsov and the architect and graphic artist Sergei Tchoban, who works in Russia and Germany. All of them are after not so much the truthful reproduction of reality as the conveyance of their feelings and impressions of the urban environment. While developing long-standing traditions and techniques, they find new artistic methods of making their statements on the spirit of place and time.
The exposition was on show in the media and exhibition halls. The first part was digital animation, for which every contributor has chosen one city of special significance to him: Sergey Kuznetsov Moscow, Sergei Tchoban Berlin, Thomas Schaller Rome and Alvaro Castagnet New York.
The hall displayed the originals of works featuring in the digital show and other drawings made by the artists in their journeys to different countries. Literally embodied in digital animation, the name of the exhibition also found multivarious expression in four solo expositions.
Sergey Kuznetsov's watercolors represented the capital of Russia as a diverse and distinctive metropolis. The Moscow images were juxtaposed with views and "portraits" of sights, in which, in the author's opinion, the genius of the place of other cities of the world is concentrated.

Department of Culture of the City of Moscow
Mosgorpark joint directorate
Zaryadye Park
Park director
Ivan Demidov
Popular science projects
Elena Voitsekhovskaya

Idea Pavel Trekhleb
Producer Ekaterina Krylova
Curator Ekaterina Shalina

Digital exhibition Artplay Media digital art center
Curator Yasha Mokhnacheva-Yavorskaya
Designer Alexander Knysh

Exhibition design Planet 9 architectural bureau
Agnia Sterligova, Akop Iskudaryan

Project PR support Maria Ulyanova, Ksenia Strelnikova, Tatiana Demidova
Project coordinator Andrey Chaplyghin